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The 3D Showcase is an online experience for homebuyers that allows them to move through a property and see it from any angle. Our distinct Dollhouse view gives homebuyers a completely unique sense of the property.
When home vendors and commercial sellers see that you’ll be presenting their property online in immersive 3D, they’ll be amazed by the features and detail.
A virtual reality 3D showcase makes you the clear choice for listing any property; the showcase tour is the ultimate 24/7 open house! Your social media exposure will increase, while the uniqueness of the experience will captivate and engage your customers, boosting the chances that they’ll schedule viewing visits. This also saves time by bringing in only truly interested potential buyers.
The showcase’s capabilities and benefits are:

Delivery in hours
Completely immersive
Real-world dimensions and measurements
Highlight reels, videos, and GIFs
2D/3D floor plans
2D HD photography stills
Embedded interactive video, infographics, and photography
Ability to embed to websites, webpages, or URL social share links
Multiple or single 360 panoramas

Commercial properties
Impress your clients with a fine, accurate showcase of commercial properties and increase your chances of closing deals. The Matterport 3D showcase is a highly interactive technology that allows you to engage with clients from different geographical areas. It gives you the opportunity to reach out to foreign investors and showcase your properties to them with ease and convenience. They won’t miss a thing!
AEC – manufacturing and production.
Architects, engineers, and construction professionals: Are you always looking for tools that will achieve better results? Do you want easy data capture, easy analytics, and distribution to stakeholders in real time to allow for better-informed decisions? At Envision360limited, we capture 2D and 3D data using the latest Matterport technology, automatic registration, and a measurement accuracy to 1% of reality, making us the capture solution for the AEC industry.
You can annotate, measure, and tag areas of interest whilst distributing for overseas stakeholders and for use in conferences, thereby ensuring that onsite visits are kept to a minimum. Envision360limited can provide and export data as a 3D point cloud to any CAD software along with your visual data allowing for the creation of a BIM. Its cost-effective in small build design, saving you on re-work costs. Upon completion, you can give a complete package to the building owner, validating your work with an interactive walkthrough. It’s a site end-to-end visualization and communication tool that’s changing the way buildings are designed, built, and maintained.

Travel and hospitality

From hotels to holiday homes, cottage rentals to event venues, people from around the globe are viewing organisations, hotels, and attractions online. Consumers require visual cues before they make reservations, and 3D virtual experiences present your venue as if the viewer were there. 3D is a meaningful, visual way to experience a venue online.
Three-dimensional models are superior to flat 2D, as they are better able to express interiors, enabling potential clients and guests to make remote decisions with confidence and setting yourself apart from the competition. With a variety of viewing experiences available, Envision360limited will customize the presentation of your property while providing online marketing tools that drive traffic and SEO value to your brand.
Envision360limited is an accredited Google Street View photography vendor. This allows the showcase to not only be viewed online but also placed onto Google Street View. Your organisation will have SEO capabilities through Google Street View and Google Maps for Business, vastly increasing your online exposure and favourability through browser algorithms.

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Restaurants and Business

Any business or organization that wants an interactive 3D visual representation of real-world spaces will find Envision360limited showcase tours to be powerful additions to their marketing team. Interactive 3D viewing is a key part of the optimal showroom and commerce experience.
Customers, clients, or patients can get an immersive experience through your website or any social media platform. Give your online visitors the opportunity to connect with you before they set foot through the door. Maintain an edge over the competition as you provide a glimpse into what clients can expect prior to arrival.
Using this technology, you can leverage your business services. It gives you the opportunity to impress and attract new prospects. Imagine new clients using immersive media browsing to book a table in your restaurant or purchase products. Customers will favor you over your competitors.


With Google Search playing such an important role in small business growth, business owners and marketers are constantly looking for ways to become more visible.
3D virtual tours are a powerful and affordable local SEO tactic that can significantly improve your Google-driven leads and sales. In fact, Google explicitly states that 3D virtual tours lead to a 100 percent increase in business listing interest.
Envision360limited provides local and national Matterport 3D and VR services with Google Street View integration, resulting in high-resolution photography, cutting-edge 3D walkthroughs, and immersive virtual reality to feature on your business website and Google.
Simple virtual tour URL and HTML embed code for easy sharing and website presentation.
Matterport tour delivered within hours.
Virtual tour that includes interactive walkthrough, floor plan, and dollhouse views.
Virtual reality viewing option with compatible device.
24/7 local support.
Google for Business step inside/Google Maps integration.

September 17 - 19, 2018
Park Street, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, 3056

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